Fritiz’s Adventure – where families adventure together!

Main Entrance to Fritz's Adventure. (Photo by Pages)
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Main Entrance to Fritz’s Adventure. (Photo by Pages)

One of Branson’s most fun attractions in Branson is Fritz’s Adventure at 1425 West Highway 76. It’s in the large building just east of Dolly Parton’s Stampede.

Fritz’s Aerodium flying adventure

Even before you enter the building, you’ll see Fritz’s Aerodium flying adventure, a vertical wind tunnel giving you the experience of flying. All ages, young or old, all sizes, big or small, can live their dream of flying. No experience is necessary as you will attend a “flight school” where you’ll learn the rules and safety standards. After your schooling, your flight instructor will give you the proper gear and help you to suit up. Then the instructor will help you take off to new heights in the open air.

Also located outside is Fritz’s Via Ferrata which offers climbing up and around the exterior of the building. It’s over 50 feet high. You hold on to iron rungs as you make your way around the surface of the building.

Fritz’s Adventure has 80,000 square feet of fun and adventure for the whole family

Once you enter the building itself, it’s a bit overwhelming at first, but the possibilities are endless for a great, fun experience. There are 80,000 square feet of fantastic activities for everyone. First off, you see the air-worthy airplane suspended 30 feet in the air which you can get to by crossing through a high tunnel.  Once there you can take the wheel and throttle to begin your life-like flight.

There are tree houses enclosed in ropes to provide a great climbing experience that ascends to a large spiral slide. Slides are everywhere so you can slide from place to place, and there are container mazes to climb up, over and through.

Experience Sky Fall

You can experience the sky fall where you harness up and are suspended 36 feet in the air. When you pull the ripcord you free fall part of the way down, slowing down for a gentle landing.

40-foot High Rope Course

The 40 foot high ropes course will test your bravery and teamwork. You can climb up the side of an industrial building called the City Wall and rappel back down, and you’ll find an underground system of tunnels below Fritz’s Adventure to discover hidden secrets.

I think my favorite to watch is the warped wall. There are three walls with varying degrees of difficulty, and people can’t stop trying until they’ve reached the top.

This place gives you quite a workout, but there are different levels of difficulty for everyone in your family. Alternatively, you can sit back in the waiting area and watch everyone else get their sweat on. They also have food and drinks available, or you can leave the building for lunch and return to continue your adventure.

Call 417.320.6138 for hours of operation and pricing.