Hughes Music Show Is All In the Family Entertainment For Your Whole Family

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The Hughes Music Show features two generations of this talented family in a brand new show for 2018.


The Hughes Music Show literally fills the Branson stage with entertainment that is truly all in the family.  More than 45 members of the Hughes family display their wide variety of musical talent. This includes amazing vocals highlighted by impeccable harmonies, magnificent dance routines, and exceptional skill on a variety of instruments. But, there’s more to this show than just music. The ability of the Hughes Brothers, and their families, to relate and interact with all ages in their their audience,  making them part of their own entertainment experience, is so special and adds so much to the enjoyment of the show.

This large and wonderfully close knit family provides a dazzling entertainment experience show after show. No detail has been forgotten. Exceptional costuming, a great live band,  state of the art sound and lighting, and song choices including both current hits and beloved classics from country, pop, gospel, rock ‘n’ roll, and patriotic genres, all come together in a spectacular production. From beginning to end this show is constant high energy entertainment for the whole family.  The following excerpts are from a review of the Hughes Music Show appearing in the May 15, 2018 of the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette entitled:

 All In The Family

Branson’s Hughes family could field not just both sides of a football team but both sides of a football game. That’s not what makes the show  [The Hughes Music Show] so popular, but it is unarguably unique.

“We could also be the whole cast of almost any Broadway musical,” jokes Jason Hughes, who is the second oldest of the Hughes brothers. When they all take the stage at the Hughes Brothers Theatre, there are 46 family members — give or take, “depending on the day and which baby fell asleep backstage” — and he says every one of them is good enough to make a Broadway medley one of the brand new show’s strongest segments. “I think people are surprised at how talented every person in the family is,” he says.

24 Years in Branson

“When you’ve been in town 24 years, a lot of people think they know what you do,” he says. “But in reality, our show has been changing all along. I don’t think there’s a show in Branson with a wider variety of music” from patriotic to an Alabama medley to “‘The Greatest Show,’ a huge spectacular number with three violins, two snare drums, the full band behind us, and probably about 20 people in that song costumed in kind of Victorian steampunk.

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