Embers Cigar Lounge a cigar aficionados dream

201009 Embers Cigar Lounge 600x338 - Embers Cigar Lounge a cigar aficionados dream
Some of the inventory of Embers Cigar Loung displayed in soth west Missouri’s largest humidor.

Are you a cigar aficionado who “dreams” of a place in Branson featuring cigars and a comfortable place to smoke them? If so, the Embers Cigar Lounge, co-owned by Kevin and Betsy McConnell, is the realization of that dream. It’s conveniently located, with close-in level parking, at 9 South Boardwalk next to the Paddle Wheel Pub, on Lake Taneycomo.

Embers is all about having a great experience

Betsy McConnel says that Embers Lounge is all about cigar smokers having a great experience. “It starts with wanting people to come into our luxuriously appointed lounge with a friend or by themselves, feel at home, relax, and enjoy a nice cigar, she said.  “we want Embers to be the cigar lovers one-stop experience,” she added.

Air purifiers

McConnell said that air quality was paramount in their planning for Embers. To meet that challenge, Embers has three commercial air purifiers. She points out that one could handle the lounge, so she sees no problems in that regard.

Large selection of cigars and accessories

Embers offers one of the largest selections of cigars in southwestern Missouri. McConnell said, “We are opening with an initial inventory of about 125 different cigars that is expanding as vendors fill our remaining opening orders. They range in price from $6.00 to $30.00.”

She said that the quality and price depends on the three major parts of a cigar; its filler, binder, and wrapper. “The type of tobacco used for each part, where it comes from, its aging period, whether it’s hand-rolled or machine rolled, and other factors directly influence the quality and price,” she added. “At Embers, we have a cigar for everyone,” she said.

She said that Embers has a selection of cigar accessories not commonly available anywhere else. They include cigar cutters specifically designed to cut the ends off the cigar; single, double, triple torch cigar lighters; humidors, and just about every accessory a cigar smoker could want. McConnell said, “If it’s not in stock, we can order it and have it here in a few days.”

Embers has the largest walk-in humidor in southwest Missouri

To ensure the best possible cigar, all of Embers’ cigars are kept inside the largest walk-in humidor in southwest Missouri. In addition to the cigars, customers can rent private cigar lockers within the humidor.

For further information on the Embers Cigar Lounge, please contact them by phone at 417-334-7070 or through their website www.EmbersCigar.com.