Branson’s Annual Spring Cleanup Week Announced

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170915 Logo City Branson - Branson’s Annual Spring Cleanup Week AnnouncedThe Branson Public Works Department will be conducting its annual Spring Cleanup Monday, April 16th through Thursday, April 19th.. This is a semi-annual event is part of an ongoing effort to keep Branson beautiful and to , to help residents properly dispose of large unwanted items at no cost.

The service is designed to provide residents within the City Limits the opportunity to get rid of large unwanted and difficult to manage items like old appliances, furniture and mattresses which are not typically picked up by residential trash haulers. The cleanup service is available only for individual residents of Branson, is not available for businesses or commercial entities, and does not include any garbage normally collected by private refuse haulers. Limbs and brush do not need to be bundled, but must be cut and stacked at the curb in manageable 4-6’ piles. No more than one dump truck load of limbs and brush will be hauled from any one residence.

The pick-up date for Ward 1 is on Monday, April 16th; Ward II is on Tuesday, April 17th; and Ward III is on Wednesday, April 18th.  Brush and limbs will be picked up in all three wards on Thursday, April 19th. If a resident is unsure of their ward residence, they should refer to where they voted in the most recent election. If persons voted at the Community Center on Compton Drive, they are in Ward I.  If they voted at the Presbyterian Church in Downtown, they are in Ward II; and if they voted at the Methodist Church on Highway 76, they are in Ward III. A map of the city’s three wards is available online at Click on Engineering Department and then “Maps.”

All items, including brush must be at the curb by 8 a.m. on the day of pick-up. Items not placed out for pickup by the deadline will NOT be picked up and property owners who miss the deadline must make separate arrangements on their own to have the materials picked up.