Branson well on the way to becoming “America’s Christmas Tree City!”

171120 Christmas Tree Map Composite 1 600x600 - Branson well on the way to becoming “America’s Christmas Tree City!”
Ride the Duck’s “Life Jacket “Creative Tree; Branson Memorial Veterans Garden’s Traditional Tree; City of Branson’s 90 foot  Dancing Light Tree; and Dixie Stampede’s Traditional Tree.

Branson’s two-month celebration of the traditional American Christmas, Ozark Mountain Christmas, is unique. It’s blend of Branson’s marvelous live shows; Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas Festival, with its 6.5 million glittering Christmas lights; attractions; shopping; and emphasis on the reason for the season is without equal.

It has been my experience, over the last 32 years, that one of the reasons for Branson’s continued success is that it is constantly coming up with fresh new reasons for people to visit and revisit Branson. It’s no different with Ozark Mountain Christmas. Already famous for its millions of Christmas lights, Christmas shows, and more, Branson is seeking to become “America’s Christmas Tree City.” Many area businesses are sponsoring Christmas Trees which are on public display throughout the Branson area.

The Christmas trees are located just about anywhere you go in Branson and are classified into one of four general types, “Traditional Trees,” evergreens decorated and with lights; “Light Trees,” made mostly from lights that are typically animated and change color; “Natural Trees,” trees and plants, other than evergreens, decorated with lights and decorations; and “Creative Trees,” formed from unusual objects into interesting one-of-a-kind displays such as Ride the Ducks “Life Jacket Christmas Tree.”.

The colored Branson Christmas Tree Tour Map shows the location and type of each tree by location and “number.” The maps are available at the Branson Lakes Area CVB Visitor’s Center and other locations throughout Branson making it easy for visitors to find and enjoy the trees. The “Branson Register Numerical Tree List,” immediately below the picture of the map in this article, makes it easy to transition from the number on the map to who the sponsor is, the trees type, and other information.

171116 christmas tree map NOP 2 1 600x449 - Branson well on the way to becoming “America’s Christmas Tree City!”
“Christmas Tree Map” with locations and Tree Number.

The “Branson Register’s  Numerical Tree List,”  makes it easy to transition from the number on the map to who the sponsor is, its type, and other information.

Map#..Sponsor, Location,  Type of Tree

1..Branson Landing, 100 Branson Landing Blvd., Traditional
2..Hilton Promenade, 3 Branson Landing Blvd., Traditional
3..Hilton Convention Center, 200 East Main, Creative – Wine Bottles
4..White River Valley Electric, 2449 E. Hwy 76, Traditional 26′ Giant Everest
5..Branson Convention Center, 200 S. Sycamore, Traditional
6..Dick’s 5 & 10, 103 W. Main, Traditional
7..Downtown Branson Betterment Assc., Liberty Plaza , Natural
8..Branson Centennial Museum 120 South Commercial St., Traditional
9..Summer Winds Downtown Center, 101 S. Commercial St., Traditional
10..Central Bank of Branson, Main Office – 400 US 65 Business, Traditional
11..Show Me Log Homes, 162, Industrial Park Dr. Hollister, MO, Natural
12  Branson Regional Arts Council, 205 S. Commercial, Traditional
13..Branson Petal Pushers, 209 West Pacific, Traditional
14..City of Branson, 110 West Maddux on Business 65, Traditional 14′ Giant Everest
15..Arcade City, 715 Branson Landing Blvd, Traditional
16..Empire Electric, 215 West Main St., Traditional 14′ Giant Everest
17..Crystal Fish Gifts of Distinction, 482 Branson Landing Blvd Suite 301, Creative
18..City of Branson, Roundabout at Cox Medical Center Branson, Dancing Light Tree
19..Cox Medical Center Branson, 525 Branson Landing Blvd., Dancing Light Tree
20..Roark Vacation Resort, 403 N. Veterans Blvd., Traditional 25′
21..Great Southern Bank, 1510 Highway 248, Traditional 20′ Giant Everest
22..Fritz’s Adventure, 1425 W. Hwy 76, Traditional
23..Branson Tourism Center, 220 Branson Hills Parkway, Music Themed Traditional Tree
24..O’Reilly Automotive, 1650 Hwy 248, Creative
25..McDonald’s, 515 West Main, Traditional- 20′ Giant Everest
26..H&R Block, 1447 D Hwy 248, Traditional
27..Westgate Branson Woods Resort, 2201 Roark Valley Road, Natural
28..Veterans’ Memorial Garden, 1107 West Main, Traditional 26′ Giant Everest
29..City of Branson, Fire Station #1, West Hwy 76 Traditional 14′ Giant Everest
30  Dixie Dolly Parton’s Stampede, 1525 W. Hwy 76, Traditional
31..Hotel Grand Victorian, 2325 W. Hwy 76, Traditional
32..Branson Coaster, 2115 W. Hwy 76, Traditional
33..Great American Chicken House, 2421 W. Hwy 76, Dancing Light Tree
34..Legends in Concert @ Dick Clark’s Theatre, 1600 W. Hwy 76, Traditional
35..Brett’s Show, Dick Clark’s Americana Theatre, 1600 W. Hwy 76, Traditional
36..Ride the Ducks, 2320 W. Hwy 76, Creative: Lifejackets
37..Residence Inn, 280 S. Wildwood, Traditional
38..Comfort Inn – Thousand Hills, 203 Wildwood Dr., Natural
39  Holiday Inn Express, 2801 Green Mountain Drive, Natural
40.. Grand Village, W. Hwy 76,Traditional 17′ Giant Everest
41..Tanger Outlets, 300 Tanger Blvd, Traditional
42..Clarion Hotel & Buckinghams, 2820 W. Hwy 76, Light Tree
43..Pasghetti’s, 3129 W. Hwy 76, Traditional 14′ Giant Everest
44..Presley’s Theatre, 2920 W. Hwy 76, Traditional & Natural
45..Summer Winds 76 Center, 3305 W. Hwy. 76, Traditional
46..Branson Lakes Area Chamber…, 4100 Gretna Road, Creative
47..Summer Winds Welcome Center, 440 State Highway 248 Traditional
48..Sight & Sound Theater, 1001 Shepherd of the Hills, Traditional
49..Promised Land Zoo, 2751 Shepherd of the Hills, Light Tree
50..Victorian Village, 3044 Shepherd of the Hills, Traditional
51..Comfort Inn and Suites, 5150 Gretna Road, Natural
52..Titanic Museum Attraction, 3235 W. Hwy 76, Natural
53..Showboat Branson Belle, 4800 Missouri 165, Traditional-17′ Giant Everest
54..Chateau on the Lake, 415 N. State Hwy 265, Traditional
55  Ripley’s Odditorium, 3326 W. Hwy 76, Creative: Upside Down
56..City of Branson, Fire Station #3, Creative: Hydrant & Lights
57..CiCi’s Pizza, 3460 W. Hwy 76, Dancing Light Tree
58..Branson Ferris Wheel, 3345 W. Hwy 76, Traditional 29′ Giant Everest
59..Tracks Family Fun Parks IV, 3345 W. Hwy 76, Creative: Racing Flags
60..Quality Inn West, 3601 Shepherd of the Hills, Natural
61..IMAX, 3562 Shepherd of the Hills, Traditional
62..Branson’s Gift of Lights, 700 Expressway Lane, Light Tree
63..World’s Largest Toy Museum, 3609 W. Hwy 76, Traditional
64..Jim Stafford Theatre, 3440 W. Hwy 76, Traditional
65..Angel Inn Central, 2350 Green Mountain Dr., Natural
66..Butterfly Palace, 4106 W. Hwy 76,Traditional
67..Silver Dollar City, 399 Silver Dollar City Parkway, Traditional
68..Summer Winds Ticket Outlet, 544 Gretna Road, Traditional
69  Grand Country, 1945 W. Hwy 76, Traditional 26′ Giant Everest
70..Runaway Mountain Coaster, 935 MO 165, Creative from Flooded Track
71..Branson Junior High School, 263 Buccaneer Blvd., Natural
72..I Love Branson Welcome Center, Summer Winds, 907 W. Main

For more information please call the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB at 417-334-4084.