The Haygoods – Unique Mind-Blowing Branson Entertainment

230523 Haygoods Show Group Special Effect - The Haygoods - Unique Mind-Blowing Branson Entertainment
The special effects in the Haygoods Show are amazing!

The Haygoods show is mind-blowing entertainment for the whole family

In Branson, Missouri, and looking for an extraordinary show the whole family will enjoy? The Haygoods Show at the Clay Cooper Theatre is your answer! For over 30 years, this group of six siblings has provided a mind-blowing entertainment experience for Branson audiences!

Recently, Tim Haygood said, “We are unbelievably blessed to be celebrating 31 years of entertainment in Branson, MO! We pulled out all the stops this year with brand new songs, routines, and special effects. The show is the best it has ever been!”

The “Best it’s ever been” means a lot when talking about The Haygoods!

“The best it has ever been” is saying a lot for a show that has been one of the most popular shows in Branson over the last decade. The original intent of this article was to write about why the Haygoods Show is so successful, not a “show review.”

Although a long-time fan of the Haygoods, I had not seen the show in over four years. As part of my due diligence in writing this article, I attended the Show on May 20. It was a “sold-out house,” with them turning away people at the box office.

Even though not consistent with my original intent, I must share the following from a text I sent Tim after seeing the show.

Although I have seen your show many times, last night’s performance blew me away! It was the best show I have ever seen in Branson and…the best production show in the Branson period, including Sight and Sound and Dolly’s Parton’s Stampede. “Those that say Branson needs big named stars ought to come to your show and experience pure entertainment and enjoyment. Branson is all about “live entertainment,” and your show is a prime example of what that should be. If it’s entertainment someone wants, they have it. It has ‘squats’ to do with a “famous name.” However, it has everything to do with the talent of the entertainers, their energy, creativity, and ability to relate to their audience and the show’s production.

“Tim, your show has it all!… Again thank you for not only a wonderful evening of entertainment, but for setting an example of what Branson shows could be….”

From start to finish, this show is unlike any other in Branson

If you haven’t got the gist, the Haygoods differs from your average outstanding live Branson entertainment experience. From the moment the show starts, you’ll experience a world of talent, music, dance, production, and energy that, in combination, makes it unique among Branson’s great shows. Add that to their state-of-the-art lighting, sound system, and spectacular special effects. The result is an entertainment experience appealing to all ages that is unlike any other in Branson.

What powers the uniqueness of the Haygoods Show?

From start to finish, this show is packed with surprises and delights as the talented Haygoods take to the stage with over 20 different instruments to create their own blend of music and dance. There’s a wide range of musical genres, including classic rock, country, pop hits, and Broadway favorites impeccably performed.

That would be enough for most shows. What sets the Haygoods apart is their commitment to creating a one-of-a-kind experience for every audience member. They work tirelessly to perfect each aspect of the show, from writing and producing to performing and incorporating special effects. That and the combination of talent, high energy, and use of technology creates an immersive “ad the edge of our set” experience. There is nothing like it in Branson, perhaps anywhere.

Want more information or tickets?

For more information on the Haygoods show or to get tickets contact them by phone at 417-339-4663-or via their website at To avoid disappointment and get the best seats, it is strongly recommended that you get your tickets in advance for this top-rated show.