Mayor’s Moment: A City update from Mayor Edd Akers


BR Logo Opinion 600x337 - Mayor's Moment: A City update from Mayor Edd Akers

Dear Branson Community,

As you are well aware, there has been a successful transition of power at the national level. This inaugural activity is a hallmark of our great country and we wish our new President and administration the best of luck in keeping our country safe and prosperous.

Speaking of transitions, I want to thank all who chose to volunteer and signed up to run for office in our April 2021 Branson Election. We have three citizens running for Ward 1 Alderman, one citizen running for Ward 2 Alderman, five citizens running for Ward 3 Alderman, and five citizens running for Mayor. This is by far the largest number of volunteers we have had in over 20 years.  I thank everyone for declaring their candidacy to seek to move our city toward a promising future.

Now to continue our 2020 “Year in Review” as we look at some City accomplishments from the past year. Our Finance Department quickly established new FY2020 budgetary projections in response to the global pandemic in early 2020. This included areas of personnel, capital, and material and contractor costs. The Finance Department also moved to a variety of online systems to allow for easier renewal of business licenses and taxes. The complete 2020 and 2021 budgets can be found on the City’s website.

Interesting Factoid of the Week:  The Mayor in a 4th class city, like Branson, has a number of functions that include presiding over the Board of Aldermen but only voting to break a tie (RsMo79.120), communicating and encouraging the Board on how to improve the finances, police, health, security, and general prosperity of the city (RsMo79.210), signing all commissions and appointments (RsMo 79.190), and oversight of our City Manager-led form of government.

Your continued prayers are needed for our City, County, State, and Federal leaders. Please stay positive and be thankful for living in the best city in America.

Thank you for letting me serve you,

Mayor Edd Akers