What’s Included in World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex?

The World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex in Branson actually consists of six museums and contains different toy collections. These museums are the World’s Largest Toy Museum, Harold Bell Wright Museum, National BB Gun Museum, Stearnsy Bear Museum, World of Checkers Museum, and the Paul Harvey Jr. Museum.

The best part is that you don’t need to travel around town to visit each one. Branson visitors can find all these toy collections right inside the World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex in Branson.

The museums and toy shops are filled with over a million toys to delight children of all ages. That is why it’s considered one of the best museums in Branson.

Why Visit the Toy Museum?

The World’s Largest Toy Museum has all the great toys that are simple now but once gave you hours of pleasure — cast iron firetrucks, slot machines, Hot Wheels, and these beautiful tin toys that are hot collector’s items these days! They have BB guns dating back to the 1850s at The National BB Gun Museum, along with a special GI Joe exhibit. The Harold B. Wright Museum houses the first manuscript of The Shepherd of the Hills, and Mr. Wright’s personal collection of paintings and furniture. Both of the other museums housed at the complex are The Stearnsy Bear Museum and The World of Checkers Museum. You’ll find all this and more in one of Branson’s most unique attractions!

Don’t Forget Toys at the Gift Shop

When you are done seeing all of the toys, you and your kids will want to buy all the toys at our well-stocked gift shops. You could have the ability to buy that toy that you adored as a kid. We specialize in hard-to-locate toys and toys which other gift shops do not have. Indulge your inner child by picking something up which reminds you of your previous now!

Frequently Asked Questions for World’s Largest Toy Museum

How much time should I plan to tour the Complex?

Most visitors find that a couple of hours is plenty of time to spend.

Is there a gift shop?

There are two gift shops.

Can I take pictures?

Yes, it is even encouraged. They love to have people capture the fun they have touring the museums and toy exhibits and then share it with their friends.

Is there on-premises parking?

Yes! They have their own parking lot. PARKING IS FREE for cars and/or motor coaches.


According to Branson.com:

BOTW The “World’s largest Toy Museum Complex” includes over 1 million toys from the 1800’s to present, an Ozark literary treasure and checker fun in five museums, with over 26,000 sq. ft.


World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex is located at 3609 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO, 65616

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