A Bet’s a Bet; Cox Branson Doctors Shave Heads for Toys for Tots

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181227 Cox Doctor Head Shave 600x341 - A Bet's a Bet; Cox Branson Doctors Shave Heads for Toys for Tots
Dr. Shawn Usery and Dr. Todd Baker getting their heads shaved by barbers from Lost Boy’s Barber Shop. (Photo by: Cox Medical)

A bet’s a bet. Two physicians at Cox Medical Center Branson have new holiday hairdos after making good on a promise to shave their heads if providers at the hospital stepped up to raise money for Toys for Tots.

“There is such a need in our community, so we knew we had to do what we can to make Christmas a bit brighter for children in our area,” says Dr. Shawn Usery, Chief Medical Officer at Cox Branson. “I know our staff has big hearts, so I wasn’t surprised at all when the money came in.”

Dr. Todd Baker, an ER doctor at the medical center, joined Usery on the festive stage as the crew from Lost Boys Barber Co. in Branson put on a show. “We knew we wanted to make this something fun,” Baker says. “I just hope the hair grows back!”

“The doctors’ children were seated right there on the front row, along with our President William Mahoney. Hearing the kids’ commentary throughout the shaving was the best part,” says Brandei Clifton, Communications Manager for Cox Branson. “We all had a case of the giggles as the hair hit the floor. We are so proud of these guys for taking one for the team. They have such big hearts! Now the challenge is to find out how we’re going to top this next year.”

The head shaving challenge brought in $3,500 for Toys for Tots. Love Inc. distributed those toys to children in our community. Along with other donations from our area, the agency was able to provide toys and clothes to 1,000 children in our community.